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Nick Clegg is wrong on EU benefits – his words and actions don’t match up. We might save peanuts, but we lose so much more..

So, all these EU citizens from poorer countries coming here and claiming benefits. A huge problem? Actually, not so much. My Liberal Democrat Voice co-editor was bang on the money yesterday when he said: So, for all the uproar and … Continue reading

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ATOS to lose monopoly of Work Cabability Assessments after audit shows up "unacceptable" standard of report

Those of us who are concerned about the fairness of the welfare system often cite the Work Capability Assessment, which claimants of Employment and Support Allowance are required to take. It seems that every few days there’s a story in … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats should not be voting to cut benefits for the poorest, working or not

I aIways knew when we went into Coalition that there would be moments when I would need to be locked in a cupboard with a bottle of gin. Tonight is one of them when MPs vote on a proposal, which, … Continue reading

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Autumn Statement: the good, the bad and the ugly

So, the Chancellor has given his Autumn Statement. Liberal Democrat reaction is likely to be at best mixed. Will people feel that the balance of tax and benefit measures is sufficient to support our claims that we are making the … Continue reading

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Autumn Statement gloom…..

I never look forward to George Osborne getting up on his feet in the House of Commons. It’s not entirely his fault, and I do know that he’s not getting to give the statement that he would like to because … Continue reading

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Lib Dems stop Tories from taking Housing Benefit from the Under 25s

One bit of very good news on welfare front – the Liberal Democrats have held firm and told George Osborne where to shove his ridiculous plan to take Housing Benefit away from under 25s, according to yesterday’s Observer. Nor is … Continue reading

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Note to Nick Clegg: put your foot down and insist on benefit rise

Last year, Nick Clegg defied Tory wishes and insisted that benefits were raised in line with inflation, as Nick Thornsby wrote at the time.  Living on benefits is no joke. If you’re getting £71 a week Job Seekers’ Allowance and … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg needs to condemn Cameron’s welfare plans

Many Liberal Democrats will have been choking on their Corn Flakes this morning as they read, with horror, David Cameron’s plans to slash benefits even further than this year’s Welfare Reform Bill. If he had his way, there would be … Continue reading

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Please help encourage Scottish Borders Council to do the right thing for a 6 year old?

Of all the damaging things the last Labour Government did, bringing in the Local Housing Allowance was one of the worst. This means that Housing Benefit claimants are entitled only to benefit based on the local market rent for the … Continue reading

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Work Capability Assessment errors slammed by Commons Committee – Lib Dems must act

The Commons Work and Pensions Committee has highlighted failures in the Government’s Work Capability Assessment, saying these have caused “fear and anxiety” for claimants whose benefits have been stopped. This will come as no surprise to the many people for … Continue reading


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