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>Bernie Ecclestone must pull #F1 out of Bahrain now

>I said on Twitter on Tuesday that if the Bahrain Government was going to fire on its own people, then the Formula One season opener due to take place on 13th March, as well as the testing the previous weekend, … Continue reading

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>Help Save the British Grand Prix – Rennard style

>How would you feel if your favourite sporting event was suddenly removed from the calendar? Each year we have certain set iconic sporting events that we’re aware of even if we absolutely hate the sports involved. How would you feel … Continue reading

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>Peter Mandelson advising Bernie Ecclestone?

>You’re a Prime Minister in trouble trying to dodge the slings and arrows of outrageous Blairites. Your cabinet is disappearing faster than rats off a sinking ship. If this goes on much longer, you will have to appoint the Downing … Continue reading

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>It could be so much worse than having Gordon Brown as PM

>We’ve all been complaining a lot about the pig’s ear the Labour Government is making of the economy, of civil liberties, of, well, everything. Is there anything they are actually doing well? Anyway, Bernie Ecclestone offered us a vision of … Continue reading

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>The Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone School of Charm – Lesson 1

>Twitter has been buzzing today with reports from people at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, including Nickie. She posted this fabulous picture which shows off their very professional looking banner and t-shirts supporting the breakaway teams (FOTA) and politely … Continue reading

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