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Platinum Jubilee for Dr Barrie

One of the very first Liberal Democrats I met when I came back to Scotland after 11 years in the East Midlands was Derek Barrie. We very quickly forged a firm friendship, based mainly on him taking the mickey out … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Birthday, Danny Alexander

Our Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the most important Ginger Rodent in the UK, is 40 today. I had to make sure you all knew his real age because I heard a rumour* that because it’s a … Continue reading

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JK Rowling, Harry Potter and I…………

….have something in common. I have no magical ability, countless millions and a habit of giving money to the Labour Party, but the three of us share a birthday, 31st July. I love having a birthday at this time of … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday, Anna

>Today is Anna”s 11th birthday. I can”t believe I”m awake at this ridiculous hour. It”s a bit like the day she was born, when we finally got up to the ward at 5 am or so. I had been awake … Continue reading

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>Happy Golden Jubilee Iain Smith MSP

>Any political activist or their offspring who is unlucky enough to be born in April or early May is going to find that their birthday most years is subsumed by election campaigns, even if it’s a special one with a … Continue reading

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