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Bob’s day out at Record Store Day at Underground Solu’shun, Edinburgh

My husband is passionate about his music in the same way that I’m passionate about the Liberal Democrats, Doctor Who and Formula One. Over the past few months, he’s been transforming our conservatory into a music haven, complete with pulsing, … Continue reading

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My Bob and the "Granny Tax"

My dear husband is not a Granny. And he’d better not be a Grandad for a very long time to come, given that our daughter is not yet a teenager. He is of an age to be affected by the … Continue reading

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Scotrail fail yet again

Our business focus is on you, the passenger. Our staff are trained to ensure you have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey, and you should find them helpful and courteous at all times. If you have a problem at a station, please speak to … Continue reading

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>Sixty years ago today…………….

>Well, it doesn’t seem like a whole load happened on Thursday 28th June 1951. Not on the face of it anyway. In the US, a highly dubious show, Amos ‘n’ Andy, which drew protests from the NAACP aired for the … Continue reading

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>Happy Valentine’s Day

>I spent some time earlier this morning, under the patient and skilful direction of my beautiful and talented daughter, Anna, making a Valentine’s card for my lovely and long-suffering husband Bob. I have not felt well enough to brave the … Continue reading

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>A Valentine’s Appreciation

>Okay, I won’t make this too slushy, I promise, but I do feel that I should publicly express my appreciation for my husband Bob. Even more so given the exotic and delicious chocolates he brought home for me yesterday. I … Continue reading

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