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Women’s Beach Volleyball should be compulsory viewing

Two days into the Olympics and I’m loving it as much if not more than usual. Saturday was a really busy day for me – a demo, a meeting and an underage driving lesson for Anna – so I only … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson calls for responsible reporting of eating disorders

Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire, Jo Swinson has called for the media to be more responsible in the way they report eating disorders as the Herald reports today. She believes that there should be similar practice as for the … Continue reading

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Racism is rightly unacceptable – so why do we tolerate blatant, unadulterated sexism on prime time tv?

Well, I seem to have stirred up a wee bit of a hornet’s nest with my post on Diane Abbott yesterday. I still think that, in the scheme of things, her one tweet, while ill judged, was not the end of … Continue reading

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