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Actually, Nick, there might be something in this vouchers for breastfeeding thing

Nick Clegg was asked yesterday, on his LBC phone in, what he thought about the plan to give women in deprived areas £200 in High Street shopping vouchers. This was one of these questions which he had to answer by instinct … Continue reading

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To anyone who thinks that women shouldn’t breastfeed in public

If you are the sort of idiot who would intimidate a mother on a train, telling her to go and feed her baby in the toilet, watch this and get over your ignorance. I hope the tearoom manager who screamed … Continue reading

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On this the rest of the political parties should follow the SNP’s lead…

 You should know by now that I’ll always give credit when I think it’s due. The SNP did a good thing the other day. At their party council meeting in Aberdeen, they passed policy on incorprating the World Health Organisation’s … Continue reading

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The power of the first hour – Nick Clegg and Lynne Featherstone, are you listening? #firsthour

So, it looks like my post yesterday about the importance of breastfeeding and a missed opportunity for Nick Clegg during his African visit was part of a cleverly crafted plan to build up to the launch of Save the Children’s … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg in Africa – a missed opportunity?

Nick Clegg and Lynne Featherstone went to Africa this week. Shortly after he picked up every banana skin left for him at Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions by Labour and the incomparable Peter Bone, and lobbed them back with vigour, he … Continue reading

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Interested in saving money and tackling inequality? Then support breastfeeding

Liberal Democrat ministers are talking a lot about the need to tackle the deficit – ie spend less money – and also to tackle inequality. That’s why Nick Clegg has been so keen on talking about giving extra money to … Continue reading

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Infant formula company is at it again…a challenge for Nick Clegg

When you go abroad, it’s common to see Nestle infant formula in the supermarkets, but it’s not sold here. Sadly, the controversial company has now acquired Wyeth who manufacture the SMA brand. That company has been sending out e-mails to … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding for too long is just not possible…..

The cover of Time, depicting a mother nursing her 3 year old son has caused a right stooshie across the US and Europe. It’s definitely frightened the horses down at the Daily Mail. I tend to agree with Victoria Bekiempis … Continue reading

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Why don’t we set up system to cover PPCs who need to take leave?

If you haven’t read it already, I would strongly recommend reading Ruth Bright’s excellent article on Lib Dem Voice, None shall be enslaved by maternity. That rattling you hear is the sound of some of this party’s skeletons being thrown … Continue reading

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My article for Lib Dem Voice on CentreForum’s parenting report

Earlier this week, Liberal thinktank CentreForum produced a report on parenting – you may have heard something on the news about their 5-a-day suggestions. I’ve read the whole thing and have done a report on it over at Lib Dem … Continue reading

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