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>Would you say "yuck" to breast milk ice cream?

>The BBC reports that a Covent Garden restaurant is going to be selling ice cream made from human milk, called – wait for it – Baby Gaga, at £14 a scoop. The milk, donated by London mother Victoria Hiley, for … Continue reading

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>BBC reports flawed breastfeeding report as Holy Writ alongside new Vitamin D guidance

>The BBC is reporting that the Scottish Government has issued some new advice to pregnant mothers, that they should take Vitamin D supplements. Much as I’m not keen on synthetic vitamins, I can’t really argue with this one. We used … Continue reading

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>What is really behind today’s reports undermining breastfeeding?

>When I see a report which undermines breastfeeding, like this one today saying that introducing solids to a baby earlier than the recommended 6 months,  I always look for the connection to the baby food industry. And I have never … Continue reading

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>Daily Fail gets it wrong again – this time on breastfeeding breaks

>The Daily Fail hasn’t wasted much time in predicting industrial armageddon, including job losses and costs of thousands of pounds, if businesses are forced to give mothers “breastfeeding breaks.” Let’s try and give this all a bit of perspective. The … Continue reading

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>(Yet another) Study shows breastfeeding prevents baby infections

>Another day,another study showing that breastfeeding babies with the milk they were meant to have is better for them. A study by Greek researchers shows that if babies are exclusively breastfed for 6 months, then they will have fewer infections … Continue reading

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>Expert calls for Formula Marketing Watchdog

>A respected neonatologist has called for the establishment of a body to police the implementation on the International Code on the Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes. Professor Stewart Forsyth, whose research into infant feeding in Dundee found breastfeeding can reduce inequalities … Continue reading

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>Another Jan Moir outrage – this time her fire is on breastfeeding mums

>Yes, Jan Moir has been at it again. This time it’s breastfeeding mothers who incur her wrath. Actually she’s probably done mums and breastfeeding advocates a power of good by showing exactly why there is a need for legal protection … Continue reading

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>Bristol Breastfeeding Bus Story may not have been what it seemed

>In the interests of fairness, I should report further to this posting from the other day that all may not have been what it seemed. The Bristol Evening Post is now reporting that the bus’s CCTV footage told a different … Continue reading

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>Mum thrown off bus for breastfeeding her baby

>Two things strike me from this story, describing the disgraceful incident in which a mother, Amy Wootton, was thrown off the bus, with her six week old baby, in the pouring rain for breastfeeding. Firstly, why does the vile misogynist … Continue reading

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>The Folly of Follow-on Formula

>My enjoyment of Popstar to Opera Star was rudely interrupted by an advertisement I hadn’t seen before for a brand of Follow-on formula which had me seething. Follow-on milk is to my mind an invention of the Prince of Darkness … Continue reading

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