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>Why Governments must get tough with Formula Manufacturers

>450 babies under a month old die every single hour across the world. How many of these could be saved if Governments got together and took tough action against formula manufacturers who blatantly disregard the International Code on the Marketing … Continue reading

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>Hold hands with Brian Paddick

>No, not literally, but former Lib Dem mayoral candidate and newbie celeb Brian Paddick is using his fame to launch a new campaign aiming to encourage LGBT couples to hold hands in public. There is a serious point here. I’ve … Continue reading

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>UK fails in child wellbeing AGAIN

>The shocking news that the UK has finished close to the bottom of a European study on child wellbeing shows that our children are being systematically failed. There is simply no excuse for this to be the case in what … Continue reading

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>Lib Dems call for withdrawal of European Baby Bottle Poster

>I’m glad to see that the Lib Dems have called for the withdrawal of the EU election poster featuring a baby bottle to represent the family that I blogged about on Friday. The press release from Andrew Duff, leader of … Continue reading

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>EU undermines breastfeeding on Election Poster

>I am disappointed to see that the EU is using a baby bottle to illustrate the campaign in the forthcoming elections. The presentation of this image is a clear violation of The International Code of Breastmilk Substitutes, a Code introduced … Continue reading

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>Proper support for breastfeeding best prevention for rare condition

>I do wish the BBC would get a sense of perspective sometimes and be a bit more responsible about how it reports things. They are running this story about a potentially serious condition that can rarely affect breastfed babies who … Continue reading

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>Mother made to breastfeed twins in hospital store cupboard

>If you work in a hospital where mothers and babies are treated, you should be aware that the NHS and the Government have loads of initiatives to encourage and support breastfeeding. Therefore, when a mum comes up to you with … Continue reading

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>Tories get it wrong again

>The Tories have put out a new campaign video featuring a very cute baby with the comments that the baby has “his dad’s nose, mum’s eyes and Gordon Brown’s debt.” The shot then moves to the baby being given what … Continue reading

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>Facebook gets in a lather about breastfeeding

>Hat tip to Morgan for re-alerting us to the issue of Facebook deleting photographs of nursing mothers posted to members’ individual photo albums on the social networking site. I fail to see how a breast, mostly obscured by the back … Continue reading

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>Kate Garraway and THAT photo

>There’s been a wee bit of a stooshie in the media this week over a mocked up photo of Kate Garraway apparently breastfeeding a calf. People like Ulrika Jonson are outraged at what she’s done, for a documentary she has … Continue reading

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