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The Budget – a triumph for Liberal Democrat internal communications people

Danny Alexander talking right now to Party Members I have got to say, I think the party has been fantastic in the way it’s been getting information out to members about the Budget. I still wake up in a cold … Continue reading

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My Bob and the "Granny Tax"

My dear husband is not a Granny. And he’d better not be a Grandad for a very long time to come, given that our daughter is not yet a teenager. He is of an age to be affected by the … Continue reading

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Budget slashes income tax for lowest paid and boosts key Scottish industry

There you have it. The front page of the Lib Dem manifesto from 2010. The very top priority, of raising the tax threshold to £10,000. By rights, if we were doing it in equal instalments, the tax threshold would have … Continue reading

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Mike Moore on tax, the independence referendum and beach volleyball

Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore has been talking to the London Evening Standard about such subjects as varied as beach volleyball, the independence referendum and taxes. On the latter, he was clear where Liberal Democrat priorities for the … Continue reading

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Tories complain that Osborne is "kow-towing" to Liberal Democrats on marriage tax break

The very idea of a tax break for people just because they choose to get married is one which will make the skin of just about any Liberal Democrat crawl. The Coalition Agreement with the Conservatives allows us to abstain … Continue reading

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Rennie and Swinney on the Budget – a masterclass in doing politics better

This week saw the passage of the Scottish Budget. For the first time, John Swinney had the ability to draw up his figures, tell his overall majority to vote for them and barely involve any other parties in the Scottish … Continue reading

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>My Friday night of surreal fantasy – from Glee to Alex Salmond’s 50p duty cut

>So there I was on Friday night, relaxing with my daughter, watching Glee. It was the Christmas episode where Sue Sylvester turns into the Grinch. It was utterly and absolutely hilarious. Anna thinks the line “I’m just taking these science … Continue reading

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>Balls talking Balls – on fuel duty and prices

>I’ve been wanting to write that headline for a while. It might be rude, but it’s also accurate, so it may well  become an occasional series. Today Ed Balls has been telling anyone who’ll listen that the Government should have … Continue reading

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>Does anyone like the term Alarm Clock Britain?

>I’ve said many times in this blog how the poorest people in this Country are those who are just above the thresholds for certain benefits or tax credits – the pensioner, for example, whose occupational pension puts her something like … Continue reading

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>What Liberal Democrat influence will we see in the Budget?

>Way back in June, the night before the Budget, Nick Clegg sent out one of those anodyne e-mails setting out the context of the mess we were in.  That signalled to Liberal Democrat members that there were be changes we … Continue reading

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