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>Scottish Liberal Democrats win support for students – and praise from NUS – in Swinney’s Budget

>The Scottish Liberal Democrats have reinforced their commitment to students and young people again by gaining meaningful concessions from Finance Secretary John Swinney in the lead up to today’s vote on the Scottish Budget for next year.  Measures put into … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats highlight failures and unfairnesss of SNP’s final budget

>I spent much of yesterday listening to Scotland Questions, PMQs and the terrorism statement in the House of Commons yesterday, but unfortunately missed out on much of Holyrood’s budget debate because I had to go out. I’m just catching up … Continue reading

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>So who’s right on Budget, IFS or the Coalition?

>The Institute of Fiscal Studies has come out and said that the measures in the Coalition Budget passed in June would hit the poorest hardest and are regressive. This is not what I as a Liberal Democrat want to hear, … Continue reading

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>Some snippets from the Budget Debate

>I don’t want you to think that I’ve spent the last week glued to the Budget debate in the House of Commons, but I thought I’d share with you another couple of moments from the proceedings from the bits I … Continue reading

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>Danny Alexander rocks the Commons over Labour’s "inheritance tax"

>As I’ve written before,I can see the fairness the Liberal Democrats have added to the Budget – a rise in the personal tax allowance and Capital Gains Tax, the restoration of the earnings link to the State Pension, the banking … Continue reading

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>Value Added Fairness from Lib Dems to counter VAT rise

>Before I even say anything about the Budget, I have to say a huge thank you to the lovely elephant, whose well-timed publication of his review of last Saturday’s Doctor Who, during the Budget speech, calmed me down a lot … Continue reading

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>I still (mostly) agree with Nick on the Budget

>I still haven’t had time to go through everything three times like Conrad Russell always advised, but I thought I would let you have a look at Nick’s e-mail to Party members sent after the Budget was delivered. He is … Continue reading

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>The Budget at a glance

>The unavoidable budget, says Osborne “I am not going to hide hard truths from the British people.” “Everyone will share in rewards when we succeed – we really are all in this together.” Structural deficit should be in balance by … Continue reading

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>Taxes and Tax Credits – how bad will the Budget be?

>If you looked at the headlines this morning and didn’t actually buy a paper, you would possibly feel sorry for the 2 million families who were going to lose their tax credits thanks to the evil Government. Let’s just put … Continue reading

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>A Budget unfair for the poorest

>They may say that they want a “future fair for all”, which is bizarre anyway given that they’ve failed to deliver that in the 13 years they’ve been in power, but again the Labour actions fail to live up to … Continue reading

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