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"We need to teach our children to be kind, not critical" Jennifer Livingston

Jennifer Livingston is the news anchor of WKBT tv’s morning sh in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I guess she’s kind of like the equivalent of Bill Turnbull. She’s intelligent, articulate and doesn’t take nonsense from people as she recently showed when … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg’s video in support of #AntiBullyingWeek

>I wrote earlier this week about how my life had been pretty much shattered by bullies as a teenager. It was a hard post to write, even thirty years on. When I was going through it, it didn’t seem like … Continue reading

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How bullying nearly destroyed my life – and why I wish there had been Anti-Bullying Week then

I’ve been procrastinating like anything to avoid writing this post because although I know the events I’m going to describe took place a long time ago, they cast a long shadow. Their stranglehold on my life is long gone, but … Continue reading

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>Why Beatbullying’s #bigmarch is so important

>Today, if you visit certain websites, you’ll see a wee procession of brightly coloured avatars “marching” across the bottom of the screen. Those websites range from the JLS Official website (who says nothing good ever comes out of reality tv … Continue reading

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>Facebook, Bullying and an out of touch Archbishop

>I think that the comments made by new Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols linking social networking sites and teenage suicides are completely wrong. Costigan has already said why, but there are a few things I’d like to add. Firstly, it’s … Continue reading

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