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Catherine Tate’s top tips: Be nice to everyone and don’t be late. With added Doctor Who geekery

Catherine Tate? On a politics site?  Really? Well, this is a lovely Summer Saturday morning, Parliament has just broken up for its holidays, so I just thought I’d do something a little bit different. You can tell me to take … Continue reading

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Revealed: my ignorance of celebrity gossip…..

I am not as well informed as I used to be about who’s with who… I was at the Starfury Return to the 11th Hour Doctor Who convention in Birmingham this weekend which happened to be Catherine Tate’s first ever … Continue reading

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30 Day Doctor Who Challenge – Day 6: Favourite special episode

The Christmas Invasion is a really hot contender for this one – mostly because David Tennant’s first full episode is Anna’s favourite. It was the show that hooked her on the show and for that I will always be grateful … Continue reading

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30 Day Doctor Who Challenge – Day 2 Favourite Companion

What an idiot I am, assuming that there would only be one 30 Day Doctor Who challenge. The one Jennie’s doing has different questions, and because I like those better, particularly the one about writers, I’m going to go with … Continue reading

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>David, Catherine, Barrowman, Sunshine, Family and Doctor Who

>You’d probably have to take Glandular Fever out of the equation for this to be the perfect day, but it has enough elements for me to be feeling cheerier than for a long time. I’m not even feeling that ill … Continue reading

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