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Something you should probably know about the Child Benefit changes

So, I’m not getting Child Benefit any more, as of today. I can’t complain, because I can see the sense behind this change.It’s better that those earning over £50,000 take a hit than more is taken from those who have … Continue reading

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>Why is David Cameron protecting the Winter Fuel Allowance?

>As I’ve already posted, I accept the arguments for removing Child Benefit from higher earners. Indeed, by the time this measure comes in, it’s likely that our’s will be one of those affected and although I will by then be … Continue reading

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>Why is it so difficult to base Child Benefit on household income?

>Surely, in this day and age, even the simplest database is capable of linking two National Insurance numbers together, doing a wee sum to work out whether the amount of tax they pay means they earn a salary greater than … Continue reading

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>Child Benefit Shock – my first reaction

> Monday mornings are bad enough without waking up to the news that this Government is continuing on its quest to screw our financial planning up. First of all, they raise retirement age to 66 in the year my husband … Continue reading

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