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Willie Rennie: "In 20 years, they’ll be glad they had nursery education at an early stage because it might just change their life chances"

There were extraordinary scenes in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. First of all, the Scottish Liberal Democrats didn’t even vote for their amendment, and nor did anyone else. They didn’t have to, because the Scottish Government had taken a big … Continue reading

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Salmond propmises post independence childcare revolution weeks after turning down Rennie’s plans for nursery education

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond  gave his keynote speech to SNP Conference this afternoon. There were three things in it that struck me as a Liberal Democrat. A numbers game Apparently a “yes” vote for independence would be a vote … Continue reading

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Clegg on parental leave: Equality’s promise must not end at 30

Today is one of those days when I am so glad we are in Government. So glad that we have a leader who understands the realities of 21st century family life and who doesn’t just leave it to the girls … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg writes to Lib Dem supporters on childcare

I woke up this morning to see all sorts of comment on Twitter about an email from Nick Clegg received by Party supporters. I hurriedly checked my inbox – and there was nothing. I wondered fleetingly and not terribly seriously … Continue reading

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Scottish Liberal Democrats call for high quality, affordable childcare

At Conference in Dunfermline on Saturday, the Scottish Liberal Democrats debated the issue of childcare in the wake of a report from Save the Children which highlighted the severe difficulties parents on low incomes faced trying to pay for childcare. … Continue reading

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Lib Dems tackle childcare in parliamentary debate

Since last May, the Liberal Democrats have not had a lot of speaking time at Holyrood. We usually get at most one or two slots in a 3 hour debate. Today is the first time we’ve actually had the chance … Continue reading

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