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Well, of course Mark Darcy had to die…

In between working on Susan Leslie’s campaign for  the Dunfermline by-election campaign, I have spent the day in mourning. And if you tell me that you can’t mourn the death of a fictional character, I will simply respond that you … Continue reading

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>Total Politics let me write for them…..

>Those nice people at Total Politics have let me write for them about the Scottish Elections. I think there might actually be stuff in there that I haven’t told you already. And Colin Firth and chocolate get a mention. Could … Continue reading

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>Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Stephen Fry back fairer votes #yes2av

>I fully subscribe to the notion that it is not possible to have too much Stephen Fry or Colin Firth in your life. I have been successful in passing this philosophy onto my daughter who has long adored the former … Continue reading

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>Why vote Lib Dem book sells out on Amazon in 2 days

>I really didn’t think Colin Firth could go any higher in my estimation. I mean, who can forget this scene from Pride and Prejudice in 1995? Or those hilarious fight scenes with Hugh Grant in the Bridget Jones movies? Or … Continue reading

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