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Nick: Just say no to the Tories on more welfare cuts

My stomach is churning already and the Tory Conference has barely started. It makes me feel sick to my core to hear the way that the Prime Minister of this country is scapegoating benefit claimants. The focus of the attack … Continue reading

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Oi, media, were you asleep last year when Clegg effigies were being hanged?

There’s a lot of fuss in the media about the entirely tasteless antics of St Andrew’s university students in burning an effigy of Barack Obama. It’s a crude ritual that really should not happen in a modern, liberal society. No … Continue reading

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Pickled priorities – fixing something that ain’t broke while the poorest struggle

I haven’t had much time for blogging these last few days, but rest assured that I have been frothing at the mouth over the announcement by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles that he’s found £250 million to enable Councils in England … Continue reading

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>How the Lib Dems make the difference: Part 1: The Cleaner and the Millionaire Banker #sp11

>Remember last year Nick Clegg used the example of the cleaner on the minimum wage who paid a higher marginal rate of tax than her millionaire banker boss to demonstrate the intrinsic unfairness of the tax system? Well, come the … Continue reading

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>Telegraph gets it wrong on Liberal Democrat "rebrand"

>Of all the silly stories that have been published about the Liberal Democrats recently, this from over the weekend has a higher bollocks per square inch (bsi) ratio than most. Apparently, we are thinking about abandoning Libby, our “7 winged … Continue reading

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>Why would the Tories want to put about rumours of an electoral pact with the Lib Dems?

>Today’s Herald carries a report which states fairly categorically that a Conservative Cabinet Minister has confirmed that there will be some level of electoral pact between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives at the 2015 General Election. What a load … Continue reading

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>Demos Home Front report trashes Tory Marriage Tax Plan

>I would be very surprised if you could find one Liberal Democrat who thought the Tory plan for a tax break for married couples was a good idea – or even an adequate one, to be honest. Last week when … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats smash expectations in Oldham East and Saddleworth

>If you’d listened to the media in recent weeks, you’d have thought that the Liberal Democrats were in for a real routing in Oldham, barely reaching double figures. Conventional wisdom said that meltdown was inevitable, and our defeat would be … Continue reading

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>Live Blogging the Clegg and Cameron News Conference

>I’m listening to the Clegg and Cameron news conference and have to nip out for the school run pretty much immediately afterwards so I thought I’d just type up a brief summary of what happened as it happened and hit … Continue reading

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>Are we imminently going into coalition with the Tories?

>The BBC is reporting that our negotiations with the Labour Party are on the road to nowhere. It sounds therefore that some sort of deal, whether it’s confidence and supply, or a full coalition, is likely with the Tories. Some … Continue reading

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