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>Scots do well on Lib Dem Blog Award Shortlists

>Those nice people at Lib Dem Voice have been messing with the fragile and egotistical heads of we bloggers over the last few days. They’ve been teasing us with hints of secrets for days on Twitter, whipping us into an … Continue reading

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>Keeping Children Safe – an update and round up of reaction

>I wrote this piece the other day about the new requirements to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority for anyone who volunteers with children’s groups. While this requirement to register for volunteers doesn’t yet apply in Scotland, it soon will. … Continue reading

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>Great Post on Gay Rights, Nick, but did you have to write for THEM?

>First of all, the good news. We have a leader who is not ashamed to trumpet his long standing support for equality and gay rights. And, unlike Cameron, he has been consistenly supportive of them all his political life. And, … Continue reading

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>Costigan and Charlotte reach new heights of brilliance…

>Mr Quist is not always right but can be relied upon to be pertinent and occasionally outrageous and provocative. I’m not at all jealous that he seems to have found the literary equivalent of the fountain of eternal youth at … Continue reading

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>If you read nothing else today…..

>the wonderful Mr Quist has got it spot on with this post about how people expect so much from their MPs but don’t want to pay for it. LibDig This!

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>Lapdancing – does it cause harm?

>Costigan Quist has taken issue with a report I referred to in this posting the other day. My main issue was with reality show Britain’s Got Talent including an act at the very end which was to all intents and … Continue reading

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