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Nick Clegg warns against arming the police after Manchester shootings

In the wake of the  murders of police officers Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes in Manchester yesterday, the issue of whether police should be armed is being raised by journalists. The Scotsman reports Nick Clegg’s comments when asked about this today. … Continue reading

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Mike Crockart MP: Say no to nuisance calls

You know the feeling. You’ve just come in from work, you’re rushing around trying to feed the cat, empty the bin, deal with your post, make the dinner and listen to the evening news. The phone rings. You have no … Continue reading

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Should sex offenders be given lie detector tests?

There is probably no less popular group of people in this country than sex offenders. That’s unsurprising, and you certainly won’t find me with anything nice to say about them. They are, however, human beings and as such have a … Continue reading

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Why Liberal Democrats must care about burglars’ lives

Ok, here we go, another hippy leftie soft on crime blog post from a bleeding heart liberal. Actually, I’ll cheerfully own up to everything except the soft on crime bit. No, I don’t think that householders should offer a full … Continue reading

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>Something missing in Blackpool Cenotaph Court Case

>The details of the Court case in which Wendy Lewis was prosecuted on public decency offences for actions near the Cenotaph in Blackpool as reported in today’s Telegraph make grim reading.  There is clearly no excuse for such behaviour. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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>Stabbings and Vegetarians – Labour’s weird sense of what’s important.

>Following on from yesterday’s post about how the Government is keeping track of people who order vegetarian meals on flights as this apparently indicates potential terrorist tendencies, the lovely Dr Pack has made this short film outlining all the dodgy … Continue reading

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