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What the hell are the Home Office playing at – and why are Liberal Democrats letting them get away with it?

So, it seems that officials from the Home Office have been showing up at tube stations in London and demanding to see proof of people’s immigration status. That would be non white people’s status, by the way. The Independent has … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on dying, end of life care and the Liverpool Care Pathway

There’s been a lot of controversy about end-of-life care, and particularly the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway, over the past few days. So much so that it seems that the Government is about to change NHS procedures on this. … Continue reading

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"We need to teach our children to be kind, not critical" Jennifer Livingston

Jennifer Livingston is the news anchor of WKBT tv’s morning sh in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I guess she’s kind of like the equivalent of Bill Turnbull. She’s intelligent, articulate and doesn’t take nonsense from people as she recently showed when … Continue reading

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So, evil government to deny women pain relief in labour, right?

Cross posted from Liberal Democrat Voice  “Doctors told to try and talk women out of epidurals to save NHS money” screamed yesterday’s Daily Mail headline.  I could understand women reading that and being outraged and terrified. Fortunately, this being the Mail, the … Continue reading

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"Showing off her bump" – the vanishing identity of a pregnant woman

It’s a painful experience, but I do read the Daily Fail every day. I always feel that it’s important to be aware of the misinformed bile it’s giving out to people. On right hand side of their web page there’s … Continue reading

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Image of the Week

That is why we’re putting ourselves through the electoral, political pain. If you haven’t read it already, the amazingly wonderful Daddy Alex summed it all up in an honest, compelling analysis, Happy Birthday to the Libera-Tory Coalition. Read it, learn … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson: The Invisible Woman

I’ve been reading through some press reports of the Gateshead Conference. It’s not an unusual experience to come home and read what the media have been saying and think “What? That wasn’t the event I attended.” The papers have concentrated … Continue reading

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Why are Paddy and other Lib Dem Peers picking this Welfare Reform fight?

So, Liberal Democrat peers are preparing to stage a second major rebellion on the Welfare Reform Bill. The first, before Christmas, helped to defeat the Government’s plans to cut Housing Benefit for those in houses with one spare bedroom. Paddy … Continue reading

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An e-mail from Nick Clegg and an FU from Douglas Carswell

Two things which interested me from this afternoon. First, an e-mail Nick Clegg has sent to party members on the European summit shenanigans: Dear Caron, Support for Europe has always been a cornerstone of what our party stands for. Recent … Continue reading

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Alex Salmond complains bitterly to Cameron over EU veto – but fails to say what he would have done

So, Alex Salmond has written  a snippy letter of complaint to Prime Minister David Cameron over his use of the veto which left the UK in a minority of one. It took him 3 days to work out how to … Continue reading

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