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>Another good guy dies too soon – David Cairns MP RIP

>I was really sad to read a while ago that David Cairns, the MP for Inverclyde, died last night. For a while, I hoped Twitter must have got it wrong because there was nothing on the BBC- and things aren’t … Continue reading

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>Snow Snippets and Snapshots

> The eerie snowy scene above is not in some remote rural spot. It’s literally just down the road from our house. Very few cars went anywhere yesterday – in fact the street was even featured on the STV news … Continue reading

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>David Laws’ dignified and honourable resignation

>I am still pretty heartbroken at the circumstances surrounding David Laws’ resignation from the Cabinet. It was so sad to watch him make what must have been an excruciatingly painful statement in the full glare of the media and I … Continue reading

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>Cairns deserts the sinking ship

>So, global markets are in turmoil. AIG looks to be following Lehmann into the graveyard of financial institutions. Millions of innocent people are suffering real financial hardship and there’s more to come as a result of inanely stupid and irresponsible … Continue reading

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