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What rights could we lose in Cameron’s EU gamble?

Well, if Liberal Democrat activists were feeling a bit lethargic and demotivated, David Cameron gave them lots to fight for today. We have got to do everything we possibly can to stop him getting an overall majority. If you’re not … Continue reading

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I just have to remember that the Downing Street press conference was not for my benefit…

Most people like politicians who behave like grown ups, governments where they spend time getting things done rather than fight with each other.  To be fair, I like that too. And for all our worries about some of the things … Continue reading

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Shock as politician behaves like a grown-up!

I have to say I was fair chuffed with our boy this afternoon. Nick Clegg showed how to conduct disagreements with your partners in an orderly, respectful and calm fashion. No matter how many times people tried to get him … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg does PMQs – the tweets

Nick Clegg did Prime Minister’s Questions today while David Cameron is schmoozing his way round the Middle East. He was so assured, confident and natural and spoke completely without notes. He even answered the question he was given and not … Continue reading

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"We need to teach our children to be kind, not critical" Jennifer Livingston

Jennifer Livingston is the news anchor of WKBT tv’s morning sh in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I guess she’s kind of like the equivalent of Bill Turnbull. She’s intelligent, articulate and doesn’t take nonsense from people as she recently showed when … Continue reading


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ComRes poll boost for Lib Dems – but the rest are as bad as each other

I’m certainly not going to get excited about a brief 3% increase in our poll rating, even if 15% is nearer where we have been in mid term even in opposition in previous parliaments. The ComRes poll in the Independent … Continue reading

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There’s a surprise: reactionary, conservative parties scupper Lords Reform

Boy, was I annoyed with Nick Clegg yesterday. One thing about being on holiday in this country is that you can’t escape news. Well, I could switch my phone off but it just doesn’t work like that. So, I was … Continue reading

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Lords Reform dropped? Sulk a bit, then carry on…

So, if the Guardian is to be be believed, David Cameron is about to drop Lords Reform because there is no way to get it past the right wingers in his party who all stood for election in a manifesto … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg needs to condemn Cameron’s welfare plans

Many Liberal Democrats will have been choking on their Corn Flakes this morning as they read, with horror, David Cameron’s plans to slash benefits even further than this year’s Welfare Reform Bill. If he had his way, there would be … Continue reading

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Why will Alex Salmond not meet the Dalai Lama?

We are all used to seeing Alex Salmond jetting off round the world to meet foreign dignitaries. He’s off to California soon, Hollywood no less, among other places, to “promote Scotland’s interests”. He’s at a film premiere tonight, mixing with … Continue reading

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