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So, what about this Manifesto Working Group, then.

So, the members of the 2015 Liberal Democrat Manifesto Working Group have been announced after a little bit of controversy at the Federal Policy Committee as Gareth Epps tells us. David Laws MP, Chair Sharon Bowles MEP, Vice-Chair Duncan Brack, … Continue reading

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>If David Laws were Labour or Tory or SNP

>…….believe me, I would be saying exactly the same as I am now. If you don’t believe me, I am pretty soft hearted and my reaction to Gordon Brown’s wee faux pas with Gillian Duffy was to want to give … Continue reading

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>My Coalition Reshuffle

>I have been challenged by Nick Thornsby to take part in a discussion about how the Coalition is doing and how I’d reshuffle the Government. I agree with Nick that I think on day to day business, at least from what … Continue reading

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>Punch Taverns apologise to LGBT Labour over #Greencoatboy banning

>Well, I guess this is something from Punch Taverns, owners of the Greencoat Boy pub in Westminster where LGBT Labour were refused service on Saturday night in what has to be one of the stupidest and most ignorant blunders by … Continue reading

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>David Laws’ dignified and honourable resignation

>I am still pretty heartbroken at the circumstances surrounding David Laws’ resignation from the Cabinet. It was so sad to watch him make what must have been an excruciatingly painful statement in the full glare of the media and I … Continue reading

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>Why I support David Laws

>David Laws and I are about as far apart in our political thinking as it’s possible to get within the Liberal Democrats. The Orange Book, for which he was one of the prime authors, makes me shudder at its very … Continue reading

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