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Here be many spoilers, so if you haven’t watched The Time of the Doctor, do not read any further

I’ve watched it twice now. And I think I probably need to watch it a few more times before I properly understand it. I can’t come out and say that I loved last night’s Doctor Who Christmas special. That was … Continue reading

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Malcolm Tucker vs the Daleks

Bob, Anna and I gathered round the tv in our holiday cottage to watch the Doctor Who special last Sunday.  I probably owe Zoe Ball an apology after being so critical of her choice as presenter. She did a very … Continue reading

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The unveiling of the new Doctor goes primetime

Sometimes you just wish that secrets could be kept. The surprise of a reveal of the new Doctor’s face at the end of the Christmas special would have been immense. But, sadly, all it would take would be a tweeted … Continue reading

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Catherine Tate’s top tips: Be nice to everyone and don’t be late. With added Doctor Who geekery

Catherine Tate? On a politics site?  Really? Well, this is a lovely Summer Saturday morning, Parliament has just broken up for its holidays, so I just thought I’d do something a little bit different. You can tell me to take … Continue reading

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Revealed: my ignorance of celebrity gossip…..

I am not as well informed as I used to be about who’s with who… I was at the Starfury Return to the 11th Hour Doctor Who convention in Birmingham this weekend which happened to be Catherine Tate’s first ever … Continue reading

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How exciting can one weekend get?

I am sitting on my bed during a brief lull in Doctor Who convention proceedings sipping Earl Grey & marvelling  at how many exciting things are going on this weekend. On the Liberal Democrat front, Portsmouth Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson and … Continue reading


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Volunteers wanted for Leicester Doctor Who study

If you’re able to get to Leicester on 28th February, you might want to sign up for a study into audience reception of Doctor Who. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve your brain being dissected for clues as to what makes … Continue reading

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Here be SPOILERS: Asylum of the Daleks review

Just in case you didn’t read the word SPOILERS in big writing in the headlines, I’ll do a bit of a long introduction before I start to spill any beans. I didn’t actually watch the programme live, which is a … Continue reading

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I can tell you the secret now……

Six weeks or so ago I tweeted that I was more excited than the most excited thing on the planet, but I couldn’t tell you about it. You all knew that it had to be something really special if it … Continue reading

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Review: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe #doctorwho Christmas Special

There are spoilers in this, so if you’re likely to throw a Twitter tantrum and block me if you find things out you don’t already know, DO NOT read any further. In recent years, one of the highlights of Christmas … Continue reading

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