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Would you have helped Nigella?

Everyone’s been pretty shocked by the photos of Charles Saatchi’s assault on Nigella Lawson for which he has now received a Police caution. Just out of interest, I looked up the criteria for giving a caution and the procedures for … Continue reading

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A sight that made me very happy indeed

Lib Dem Minister Jo Swinson at the Despatch Box taking questions on Women and Equalities today. Good to see that the Government has taken steps to ensure that refuges won’t lose funding and that there will be powers to split … Continue reading

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Clare’s Law: an effective measure to prevent domestic violence?

You have to have sympathy with Michael Brown, a man who’s seen his daughter brutally murdered by her violent partner. I can only imagine the pain he’s gone through, and he will quite rightly be looking for ways in which … Continue reading

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>Daily Mail Fail of the Day – on domestic violence

>Just in case you had thought that the Daily Fail had changed its ways after its shock and horror over the behaviour of now ex Sky Sports sexists Andy Gray and Richard Keys (which had more to do with bashing … Continue reading

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>Lallands Peat Worrier helps close Scottish domestic abuse loophole.

>I will freely admit to being rubbish on this issue. I saw that Lallands Peat Worrier had written a blog post entitled Scotland Legalises Domestic Abuse two weeks ago and had it in mind to pick it up myself. Events and … Continue reading

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>Why some women have real reason to fear the World Cup

>I have been approaching the forthcoming month long football fest that is the World Cup with an air of resignation. If it’s not about Inverness Caley Thistle, then, frankly, my dear, I really don’t give a damn and it annoys … Continue reading

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>80% of kids say it’s fine for Dad to beat Mum up if she’s late making the tea…..

>I bet that got your attention! It seems quite unbelievable at the beginning of the 21st century that 8 out 10 kids questioned think that it’s justified for a man to beat up a woman if they’re late with the … Continue reading

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