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Addiction is not a moral issue – on Rennie, the Record and Labour

On Thursday afternoon, the Scottish Parliament debated the Scottish Government’s Drugs Strategy, which has been in place since 2008. In general it was a pretty intelligent debate as you can see from the Official Report. The Government even accepted amendments from … Continue reading

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>No, Scottish Liberal Democrats aren’t for handing out heroin like sweeties – the truth behind the lurid headlines

>RTFQ That was my mantra before sitting an exam. Read the Flippin’ Question*. Making sure you understand what you’re being asked is fundamental. Otherwise, you can go off on one, write pages and then realise that you are not really … Continue reading

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>Expert calls for licensed sale of Cannabis

>One of the country’s most senior experts on Cannabis has called for the drug to be made available on a licensed basis – both for the seller and the purchaser. Professor Roger Pertwee, is the professor of Neuropharmacology at Aberdeen … Continue reading

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>Mephedrone kills kids – it should be banned, right?

>It’s always horrible to read of young people suddenly dying for any reason. As the mother of a girl who no doubt will at some point in the next decade go out clubbing with her friends, I read with horror … Continue reading

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