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>Caron’s Blog of the Year 2008

>I meant to put this in my review of last year and then forgot. It’s clearly going to take more than the dawn of a new year to resolve my scattiness issues. Anyway, I’ve spent more time in the blogosphere … Continue reading

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>Duncan Borrowman’s Twittering advertised to wider audience

>In case you haven’t seen this on Duncan’s blog, do have a look. What made me laugh most was the line “All well and good if you don’t have a life of your own and like to live vicariously through … Continue reading

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>Duncan Borrowman wants to start World War Three

>I have to say that I am very impressed that a Bexley boy knows how to spell teuchter. Then again, he is married to a lovely Scottish lady, but at least he has taken note of these things. His suggestion … Continue reading

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>Borrowman Fan Club – Scottish Branch

>There’s a lot of high quality literature going out in Scotland at the moment – and much of it is due, either directly or indirectly to Campaigns guru Duncan Borrowman. He has trained many of our best literature writers as … Continue reading

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