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Saying farewell to a lovely, clever, Liberal Democrat – RIP Dave Herbert

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Dunfermline at the funeral of one of the first people I ever met in the local Liberal Democrats. Dave Herbert, Councillor for Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay, passed away last Friday. Dave … Continue reading

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Labour MP Docherty brands Limekilns Community Council as snobs and nimbys

Thomas Docherty has courted controversy since he was elected as Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife in 2010. He certainly has a novel approach to winning friends and influencing people. First of all, he had a go at certain of … Continue reading

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No, First Minister, she is only 7

Yesterday First Minister Alex Salmond opened the long awaited Carnegie School in Dunfermline. The school spent the first 2 years of its life in  Inverkeithing Primary School. Way back in the mists of time, it was intended that there should … Continue reading

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>Who did Mike Moore describe as "annoying as Hell" at Dunfermline dinner?

>Last Friday night, Dunfermline Liberal Democrats held their Annual Dinner in the Council Chamber at the Dunfermline City Chambers. That’s an auspicious room for the local party: it’s where Willie Rennie and Jim Tolson were selected as candidates, and where … Continue reading

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>Irony of the week – the aircraft carriers

>I can’t quite make up my mind which is the bigger irony over the aircraft carriers, so I’ll let you decide. I don’t remember all these Labour MPs and MSPs taking such an interest in the issue when they were … Continue reading

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>Competition for free tickets to Dunfermline’s Bruce Festival and Son et Lumiere

>A bit of my heart will, I suspect, always remain in Dunfermline, after 4 busy and immensely rewarding years working for former MP Willie Rennie. In that time Willie supported the work of the Dunfermline Delivers team who do so … Continue reading

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>That Labour Record of School Building

>Dunfermline High School. A building falling to bits. A building which should have been rebuilt, or even refurbished, to make it meet its pupils’ needs well over a decade ago. Who was in charge at the time? Labour, in administration … Continue reading

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>The Best Polling Day ever

>Even if the polls are right and the Liberal Democrats get their best result in decades and even come second in the popular vote, nothing can beat polling day in the Euro elections in 1999 for me. That was the … Continue reading

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>Dunfermline Delight

>It was a great moment, in an otherwise very sad evening, to witness the election of Jim Tolson as the MSP for Dunfermline West. It made the long hours, the exhaustion, the sheer slog, all worthwhile. We had a fantastic … Continue reading

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>News from the Dunfermline Front

>Sorry I haven’t been around for some time – I have barely had time to eat and sleep , in common with many political activists over the last 3 weeks, let alone find witty and interesting things to write here. … Continue reading

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