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ComRes poll boost for Lib Dems – but the rest are as bad as each other

I’m certainly not going to get excited about a brief 3% increase in our poll rating, even if 15% is nearer where we have been in mid term even in opposition in previous parliaments. The ComRes poll in the Independent … Continue reading

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Vince on Marr: It’s grown up to talk to Labour

Vince Cable went on the Andrew Marr show this morning to talk about his new industrial strategy. He was also asked about the story in the Mail on Sunday which touted the idea that Zac Goldsmith would resign his Commons … Continue reading

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Labour put down amendment which would have given Tories tax cut for richest they wanted – and which Lib Dems stopped

I realise that Parliamentary shenanigans and point scoring isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s worth pointing out that Labour today squandered a relatively good position going into the first PMQs of the new Parliamentary term. Ed Miliband had an … Continue reading

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>Balls talking Balls – on fuel duty and prices

>I’ve been wanting to write that headline for a while. It might be rude, but it’s also accurate, so it may well  become an occasional series. Today Ed Balls has been telling anyone who’ll listen that the Government should have … Continue reading

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>Was Ed Balls responsible for our slippery roads?

> Maybe it’s just the way my mind works, but when I saw this tweet from the soon to be doomed to defeat Ed Balls’ Cheerleader-in-Chief, my first thought was to speculate that that was why nobody could get any … Continue reading

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>Labour Leadership – who would you vote for?

>Well, of course I don’t have a vote, but if I did it would be emphatically cast for Diane Abbott. Not because I agree with everything she says. Far from it. But because she has earned my respect over many … Continue reading

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