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Sunshine and pandas. Is Summer really here at last?

So, I bunked off on Tuesday. I’d always half intended to, especially as it was a school holiday, and an opportunity to spend some time with Anna, but the fantastic weather meant that the laptop stayed firmly switched off and … Continue reading

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A Pandatastic Afternoon at Edinburgh Zoo #pandas

I have been really grumpy these last few days – for lots of justifiable but thankfully minor reasons in the scheme of things. Today, however, is when excitement starts and will hopefully reign for the entire Festive Season.  I am … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie, Salmond and cute and cuddly?

My mind boggled when I first read what Willie Rennie had said. I know that a very few Liberal Democrats in the blogosphere have said that he’s being too hard on the SNP, but when I saw the words Alex … Continue reading

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