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30 Day Doctor Who Challenge – Day 2 Favourite Companion

What an idiot I am, assuming that there would only be one 30 Day Doctor Who challenge. The one Jennie’s doing has different questions, and because I like those better, particularly the one about writers, I’m going to go with … Continue reading

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Elisabeth Sladen – a year since she died

There have been few people in the public eye whose death has actually moved me to real, sorrowful tears. The passing of Elisabeth Sladen, who played Doctor Who’s Sarah Jane Smith was one such event. She had been a childhood … Continue reading

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>BAFTA forgets Nicholas Courtney but Doctor Who fans never will.

>I didn’t watch the BAFTAs last night, but I was very sad to wake up this morning to see that during the “In Memoriam” spot, there was no mention of one of the best loved Doctor Who actors. Nicholas Courtney, … Continue reading

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>Tears before bedtime – beautiful CBBC tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

>The BBC have excelled themselves tonight with a stellar assault on my emotions. First there was the rollercoaster ride that was the season opener of the new Doctor Who series- of which more probably tomorrow – and immediately afterwards, on … Continue reading

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>A childhood heroine for both Anna and I dies – RIP Elisabeth Sladen

> So after a hard day’s envelope writing last night, we headed back to my sister’s where my niece Laura was cooking her risotto – which,  I have to say, is one of the most delicious, punchy, garlicky, creamy, pretty … Continue reading

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