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Nick Clegg stands up for cleaner disciplined for asking for living wage

I am very proud of Nick Clegg for taking the time to write to the company who employ Valdemar Ventura. He’s the man who cleaned the Deputy PM’s office until he was moved and disciplined by his employer for campaigning … Continue reading

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Clegg on parental leave: Equality’s promise must not end at 30

Today is one of those days when I am so glad we are in Government. So glad that we have a leader who understands the realities of 21st century family life and who doesn’t just leave it to the girls … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson’s speech to #LDConf in full

On Wednesday, Jo Swinson made her first platform speech to Conference as a Minister. She spoke about the need for work to be fulfilling and told how she would introduce the right for all to request flexible working and would … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg stops the Tories giving employers right to fire at will

The Guardian reports today that Nick Clegg has put his foot down to stop the Tories from proceeding any further with the daft recommendations in the report by a venture capitalist, Adam Beecroft.  The Beecroft plan would have made it … Continue reading

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Just in case you thought there was no discrimination against women these days

I was horrified to see the BBC report that the Silverwells Hotel in Bothwell has been ordered to pay £29,000 to a former employee they demoted from manager to waitress when she told them she was pregnant. The loss of … Continue reading

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Work Capability Assessment errors slammed by Commons Committee – Lib Dems must act

The Commons Work and Pensions Committee has highlighted failures in the Government’s Work Capability Assessment, saying these have caused “fear and anxiety” for claimants whose benefits have been stopped. This will come as no surprise to the many people for … Continue reading

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>Will the Budget exempt small firms from maternity and paternity leave provision?

>Well, funnily enough, George Osborne doesn’t confide in me, so I don’t know. The media is full of speculation that the Government is going to exempt small businesses from having to give certain maternity and paternity leave rights to their … Continue reading

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>Private sector job creation must not be at the expense of employee rights

>So, David Cameron is going to sit down with major employers today, like the supermarkets and John Lewis, and try and persuade them to create more jobs. I have to say I’m slightly concerned that the jobs those companies are … Continue reading

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