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If Ruth Davidson’s speech on equal marriage doesn’t win some sort of award, I’ll be upset

It’s not like me to hand out praise to a Tory, let’s be honest. I don’t have much choice, though. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson’s speech in Holyrood’s equal.marriage debate last night had me blubbing actual, proper tears. It was … Continue reading

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Reprise: A 13 year old writes about same sex marriage. MSPs please take note. #itstime #equalmarriage

This is a re-run of a post from May which I published around the time of the Westminster Same Sex Marriage Bill debate. As Holyrood prepares to vote on its own bill tomorrow, I thought it would be worth putting out … Continue reading

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If you haven’t replied to the consultation on Scotland’s same sex marriage bill, DO IT NOW!

At almost the 11th hour, I have submitted my views to the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities Committee which will be considering Scotland’s Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill. The deadline is today, so you really need to get on with it. The … Continue reading

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Dancing Queen, carnations and Nick Clegg – a snippet of the Equal Marriage vigil

I had half wanted to come down to London with Anna yesterday to be outside the House of Lords when the Same Sex Marriage Bill cleared its final hurdle there.We decided against it as we’ve been away so much recently, … Continue reading

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A 13 year old writes about same sex marriage – MPs take note #samesexmarriage

Yesterday Anna told me she’d received full marks for a school essay on same sex marriage. She had been told to write a persuasive essay on any subject of her choice, so she wrote about something she feels really strongly … Continue reading

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My open letter to Liberal Democrat MPs on same sex marriage – it’s not about you, it’s about fairness and equality

This is what I’ve spent the morning drafting and sending to Liberal Democrat MPs on the same sex marriage bill. I’ve sent it to everyone unless I know for sure that they are wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supporting the Bill and … Continue reading

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My letter asking my MP to vote for equal(ish) marriage

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a tiny chance you might have formed the impression that I’m totally in favour of allowing couples who love each other to get married. End of. The Bill on offer in … Continue reading

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Almost 200 SNP members cheer Gordon Wilson as he describes equal marriage as a "biological cul-de-sac

Sometimes you wonder whether people actually think about the implications of what they’re going to say before they open their mouths. Gordon Wilson has had plenty to say on the equal marriage issue, including that the SNP should not pursue … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg announces Jo Swinson as Equalities Minister

Remember the almighty wailing and gnashing of teeth on here a week ago when it appeared that Nick Clegg had given our treasured equalities work to the Tories? Well, now it transpires that we are going to have a Liberal … Continue reading

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Is Equal Marriage under threat?

A consequence of the reshuffles north and south of the border is that the two ministers responsible for delivering same sex marriage has changed. You may remember my fit of pique the other day at the precious equalities portfolio being handed … Continue reading

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