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>David Laws’ dignified and honourable resignation

>I am still pretty heartbroken at the circumstances surrounding David Laws’ resignation from the Cabinet. It was so sad to watch him make what must have been an excruciatingly painful statement in the full glare of the media and I … Continue reading

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>Digital Economy Act: ask your MP to take action

>Regular readers will know that one of the really large and most annoying bees in my bonnet at the moment is the awful Digital Economy Act. I’ve written about it on many occasions for example here, here and here. This … Continue reading

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>Did I miss Labour’s Holyrood Democracy Riots?

>I am willing to accept that I am remarkably unobservant. I am perfectly capable of being so absorbed in my own little fairytale dream world that I could quite possibly not see Michael Schumacher or Tom Baker, both long term … Continue reading

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>Of Snow and Cack-handed Coups

>Only in Britain, or, maybe, as Stephen corrected me earlier, only in England could you have a half hour news special at prime time on the weather conditions and not one on an attempt to unseat the Prime Minister. Ok, … Continue reading

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>The MP’s Expenses that worry me the most

>You’ll know that while I’ve been exasperated at the lack of transparency in the MPs’ expenses system and the unholy conspiracy between Labour and Tory MPs over the years to keep information secret, I generally think that MPs are mostly … Continue reading

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>Eric Joyce speaks out on MOD compensation

>It’s not like me to be nice about Labour MPs, but credit where it’s due, Eric Joyce deserves it today for speaking out in a Scotland on Sunday article against the MOD’s action to limit compensation settlements to injured soldiers … Continue reading

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>Three Questions for Eric Joyce MP on his expenses

>It wasn’t surprising to find that the UK’s most expensive MP came from Scotland – I mean if you look at places as far flung as Orkney and Shetland, the Western Isles and the vast highland constituencies, travelling between London … Continue reading

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