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Nick Clegg is wrong on EU benefits – his words and actions don’t match up. We might save peanuts, but we lose so much more..

So, all these EU citizens from poorer countries coming here and claiming benefits. A huge problem? Actually, not so much. My Liberal Democrat Voice co-editor was bang on the money yesterday when he said: So, for all the uproar and … Continue reading

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What rights could we lose in Cameron’s EU gamble?

Well, if Liberal Democrat activists were feeling a bit lethargic and demotivated, David Cameron gave them lots to fight for today. We have got to do everything we possibly can to stop him getting an overall majority. If you’re not … Continue reading

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What if Iran talked about holocaust and returning somewhere to the Middle Ages?

Can you just imagine the outcry if Iran’s President Ahmadinejad came out with comments like wanting to send somewhere back to the Middle Ages. What if he talked about inflicting a holocaust on a particular people? And then had his … Continue reading

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What do SNP ministers do to get themselves out of a sticky situation? Rewrite the rules, of course

Just when you thought the farce over the non-existent legal advice on Scotland’s EU membership was over, yesterday’s Herald has news of yet another twist. Remember how keen Alex Salmond was to refer himself on the Ministerial Code? Apart from … Continue reading

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A few harsh facts of life on an independent Scotland’s EU membership

Of all the weeks for Willie Rennie not to have a question at FMQs, this was probably the worst. While Johann Lamont and, particularly, Ruth Davidson gave Salmond just enough wiggle room over the bizarre EU legal advice issue, Willie … Continue reading

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Secretive SNP’s double standards on legal advice

It won’t be long before some nationalist comes along and accuses me of smearing the SNP. That’s what tends to happen when you disagree with them or point out that they may be guilty of saying one thing and doing … Continue reading

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An e-mail from Nick Clegg and an FU from Douglas Carswell

Two things which interested me from this afternoon. First, an e-mail Nick Clegg has sent to party members on the European summit shenanigans: Dear Caron, Support for Europe has always been a cornerstone of what our party stands for. Recent … Continue reading

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Alex Salmond complains bitterly to Cameron over EU veto – but fails to say what he would have done

So, Alex Salmond has written  a snippy letter of complaint to Prime Minister David Cameron over his use of the veto which left the UK in a minority of one. It took him 3 days to work out how to … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg: I will fight for British jobs and interests after "bad for Britain" summit

For the second Sunday in a row, I got up to see Nick Clegg on the Andrew Marr Show. I think Liberal Democrats have been in shock this weekend, trying to make sense of the shenanigans of the Brussels summit … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg stands up for human rights in Belarus and warns of divisions in EU

Nick Clegg has a piece in the Independent today in which he outlines the abuses of human rights carried out by the Government of Belarus. This Summer, after protesting was banned by the Government (which, by the way, shut down … Continue reading

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