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Lembit Opik for Eurovision 2013 #lembitforeurovision

I am on long train jourrney and have been without human company for some time. This probably explans why I have been excited beyond description by the idea that as well as saving the earth from destruction by asteroid, it’s … Continue reading

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>James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop is a hero

>If you have read the three preceding posts, it’s all down to a very helpful comment from James Kelly who writes the Scot Goes Pop blog. Like me, he lost blog posts when Blogger had its hissy fit the other … Continue reading

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>Something Eurovisiony to brighten your day: Josh and Niamh Kavanagh singing "Fairytale"

> Just to brighten a very dreich, dark and dismal Monday lunchtime for you! It was snowing when I came back from Zumba this morning. This did not please me one little bit, particularly as it was lying a little … Continue reading

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>Eurovision: my early years – that sounds good to me

>I just love the Eurovision Song Contest. Always have. Always will. You can get your whole year’s supply of tackiness and camp in just a few hours and I don’t understand how it’s possible to watch it and not smile. … Continue reading

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>Why we’re going to get stuffed at Eurovision, and why it doesn’t matter

>Well, if you’re going to get Pete Waterman to write a song, of course it’s going to be a poppy seeded cheesefest. Our Eurovision entry, chosen last night, is exactly that. It takes you right back to the days of … Continue reading

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>Eurovision Hangover

>I am suffering this morning. It was extremely ill advised to stay awake to watch the Eurovision Song Contest when I was already feeling tired and I suspect I will be feeling the consequences for a while. It was worth … Continue reading

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>Would this be Scotland’s Eurovision entry if we had one?

> Long live the union:-) LibDig This!

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