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Review: Peter Pan, Edinburgh. Or, Allan Stewart makes my life

It’s been our tradition in recent years to go to the Pantomime at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh, which always stars comedians Allan Stewart and Andy Gray and Grant Stott from Radio Forth. Usually I book the tickets at the … Continue reading

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Laura: 21 moments for 21 fabulous years

I love my wonderful niece Laura. 21 years ago today, she appeared on the scene 6 weeks earlier than expected, in the middle of a Liberal Democrat Conference. So I have to nip home this evening from a Liberal Democrat … Continue reading

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Day 9131 in pictures

Yesterday was as wonderful as it’s possible for a day to be. The weather was perfect, sunny and hot, as our Silver Wedding day journey took us from the heart of vegetarian Edinburgh, to revisiting the scene of the crime … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Fringe Review: Chris Kent: Second Fix

The Festival’s almost over and so far I’ve only managed to see two show, as different from each other as you could possibly get. On Tuesday at the Book Festival, I saw American political predictions pundit Nate Silver. My review … Continue reading

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How exciting can one weekend get?

I am sitting on my bed during a brief lull in Doctor Who convention proceedings sipping Earl Grey & marvelling  at how many exciting things are going on this weekend. On the Liberal Democrat front, Portsmouth Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson and … Continue reading


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Sunshine and pandas. Is Summer really here at last?

So, I bunked off on Tuesday. I’d always half intended to, especially as it was a school holiday, and an opportunity to spend some time with Anna, but the fantastic weather meant that the laptop stayed firmly switched off and … Continue reading

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Easter holidays: Black Isle bliss in a Boathouse – and a beautiful baby, too

So, I said to the Liberal Democrat Voice team just before I headed off for a week in the Highlands mostly sans internet signal “Don’t let anyone do anything interesting while I’m away.” That worked out well. A wee bit … Continue reading

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Baby Ethan is here!

How gorgeous is my lovely younger nephew, born at 12:20 am today? Unlike the rest of his siblings, we knew his name and what he looked like before his arrival due to the wonders of technology. He may have been … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Baby Ethan’s arrival…

At some point in the next couple of weeks, my new nephew, Baby Ethan, will be born. We already have a little idea what he looks like from one of these full colour 4D scans. He is the spitting image … Continue reading

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It’s a lot warmer than 10 years ago

Today is bright and sunny but the morning doesn’t have the intense, crisp coldness of 15th February 2003. How would I know? That’s the day our family discovered its inner peace activist and headed for Glasgow Green to protest against … Continue reading

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