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The Police are letting me go to Liberal Democrat Conference

Last night I was reminded by e-mail that the deadline for registering for Autumn Lib Dem Conference in Brighton at the cheapest rate runs out at midnight tonight. Seriously, it’s cheap if you do it now, so don’t bother reading … Continue reading

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Accreditation: the aftermath

I’m sure Duncan Greenland, Andrew Wiseman and Tim Farron were under no illusions that their announcement on Liberal Democrat Voice that accreditation has been approved would be met with universal acclamation within the Party. If they were, they’ll probably be crying … Continue reading

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Keeping Conference Liberal and safe: Gareth Epps must be there

A couple of years ago I wrote a few posts around the farcical arrangements the Labour Government were putting in place regarding those working with children, including parent helpers. Thankfully Lynne Featherstone got rid of this excessive and ineffective vetting … Continue reading

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>BBC Liberal Democrat Conference policing costs report gets its facts wrong

>I was a bit bemused to see this report on the BBC website for a number of reasons. The report contrasts the alleged £2 million cost of policing the 3 day Liberal Democrat Federal Conference in Sheffield in 2 weeks’ … Continue reading

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>Live Blogging Nick Clegg’s Speech to #LDConf

>Well I know that I am renowned for being late to everything, but surely a claim to be live-blogging something 4 days after the event is a bit much? I was away with the family in Dundee when Nick stood … Continue reading

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>Ten Reasons I’m so glad I’m not going to #LDConf in Liverpool

>Unlike many of my dear friends, I am not headed off to Conference in Liverpool. This could be a good thing, for the following reasons: 1.  My liver is grateful that it’s not going to be asked to process too … Continue reading

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