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Scotrail fail yet again

Our business focus is on you, the passenger. Our staff are trained to ensure you have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey, and you should find them helpful and courteous at all times. If you have a problem at a station, please speak to … Continue reading

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Man on train complains as paramedics treat ill passenger

What would you be like in a crisis? Some people crumple under pressure, others go way beyond the call of duty while trying to help resolve things. Let’s take an example. Imagine you’re on a train. It’s late at night. … Continue reading

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Since when was it ok to violently throw someone off a train?

I’ve just watched the much talked about video of a young man being thrown off a train by a fellow passenger for not having a valid ticket and I have to say I’m horrified. There are no excuses for the … Continue reading

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My Bob was on Reporting Scotland!

I went out last night to bid farewell to a fabulous former colleague of mine, Elspeth, who is going to Hull to live with a boy. I didn’t get to see Reporting Scotland but had a text message from a … Continue reading

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First Scotrail derailed

In the middle of the rush hour yesterday afternoon, a train derailed in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh. Thankfully there were no passengers on board and nobody was hurt. However, the ensuing chaos which continues to envelop Scotland’s rail network … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrat Iain Smith calls for enquiry into rail failures

>I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only Liberal Democrat who is disgusted with the shoddy service First Scotrail has been providing recently. I know that they’ve had a challenge, but their management and communication is shambolic. If you … Continue reading

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>First Scotrail takes mickey out of its customers

>Picture the scene. A platform full of dedicated souls, waiting for half an hour in sub zero temperatures hoping for a train. They’d struggled through two feet of snow to get there. If you don’t believe me, have a look … Continue reading

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>A(nother) wee grumble about First Scotrail

>Before I start, please don’t get the idea that I think any of this is actually important, because some really awful things have happened to people I care about in the last few weeks. Frankly a delayed train journey doesn’t … Continue reading

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>Train Cancelled due to Excessive Bikes

>You couldn’t make it up, could you? This, according to my irate husband who phoned me a few minutes ago, was First Scotrail’s excuse for the cancellation of his train to work. Apparently they will be running an express from … Continue reading

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>No More Nice Guy from First Scotrail

>My husband turned up for his usual train this morning to find it had been cancelled. He was annoyed, but this is a markedly less usual occurrence than it was under the previous holders of the franchise. What he did … Continue reading

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