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Rapists try to get access to the babies conceived by rape

Rape has been in the news a lot this week because of the disgraceful comments of Todd Akins and George Galloway. These men have at least started a dialogue on the issue which has had some positive effects – read … Continue reading

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Lib Dem News says Galloway a curiosity, rather than a serious candidate

I love Lib Dem News. Even though I can find out a lot of things going on in the party from other sources, it still tells me things I don’t know. In order to get out for Friday, though, the … Continue reading

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If Labour can’t hold a seat in opposition, what hope is there for Miliband?

I went to bed last night not really believing rumours on Twitter that George Galloway had eased out Labour in the Bradford West by-election in a closely fought contest. I wondered allowed if this was Labour talking his chances up … Continue reading

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