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Autumn Statement: the good, the bad and the ugly

So, the Chancellor has given his Autumn Statement. Liberal Democrat reaction is likely to be at best mixed. Will people feel that the balance of tax and benefit measures is sufficient to support our claims that we are making the … Continue reading

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ComRes poll boost for Lib Dems – but the rest are as bad as each other

I’m certainly not going to get excited about a brief 3% increase in our poll rating, even if 15% is nearer where we have been in mid term even in opposition in previous parliaments. The ComRes poll in the Independent … Continue reading

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Alex Salmond booed, twice, but why don’t we hear so much about it?

Yesterday, my wonderful niece Laura and her boyfriend John celebrated her 20th birthday by heading into Glasgow to see Scottish Olympians and Paralympians parade through the city. They had a great time, and were bursting with pride to see the … Continue reading

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My Bob and the "Granny Tax"

My dear husband is not a Granny. And he’d better not be a Grandad for a very long time to come, given that our daughter is not yet a teenager. He is of an age to be affected by the … Continue reading

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Tories complain that Osborne is "kow-towing" to Liberal Democrats on marriage tax break

The very idea of a tax break for people just because they choose to get married is one which will make the skin of just about any Liberal Democrat crawl. The Coalition Agreement with the Conservatives allows us to abstain … Continue reading

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Clegg trounces Cameron and Osborne in poll……….

………….. Ok, it’s only Heat magazine’s Weird Crush list of 2011, but these things have to be mentioned. I’m sure you would be disappointed if as big a fan of the trashy as I am failed to bring it up. … Continue reading

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Only comfort from gloomy Autumn Statement – Lib Dem win on benefit rise

I look outside and see nothing but gloom and darkness and wildness tonight. I could be George Osborne looking out at the economy. No, scrub that. I could never be George Osborne. But there seriously isn’t much to take any … Continue reading

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Can Cameron and Osborne please just shut up about Scotland?

I have a job for Olly Grender and Christine Jardine, two of the Lib Dem media people in Downing Street. They need to head for Ikea, buy a large cupboard and lock David Cameron or George Osborne in it every … Continue reading

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>Some Lib Dem wins in the spending review – but who will speak up for the poor now?

> I find the House of Commons a very depressing place at times. What should be a place of serious debate all to often, and especially at Prime Minister’s Questions, becomes a haven for willy waving and general macho nonsense. … Continue reading

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>Child Benefit Shock – my first reaction

> Monday mornings are bad enough without waking up to the news that this Government is continuing on its quest to screw our financial planning up. First of all, they raise retirement age to 66 in the year my husband … Continue reading

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