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Nick Clegg does PMQs – the tweets

Nick Clegg did Prime Minister’s Questions today while David Cameron is schmoozing his way round the Middle East. He was so assured, confident and natural and spoke completely without notes. He even answered the question he was given and not … Continue reading

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>Mixed emotions as Cameron enters Downing Street

>In 1997 when Tony Blair entered Downing Street when the country was erupting in a chorus of “Ding Dong the Wicked Tories are gone” I lay in bed watching him and I felt nothing. Not one thing. I was numb. … Continue reading

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>Brown’s bombshell puts Labour back in the game

>Wow! With a heavy heart this morning, I was becoming increasingly convinced that the Lib Dem team was going to do some sort of deal with the Tories. Now it all seems to have changed and, literally, anything could happen. … Continue reading

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>A few words about Gordon Brown’s faux pas

>Sure, Gordon Brown mucked up big time. Like Neil Kinnock’s tumble on the sands at Brighton, his remarks as he left after a conversation with Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy may well go down as the defining moment of his leadership. … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg puts fairness first at PMQs as Speaker jokes about calling helpline

>You wouldn’t have needed a top of the range crystal ball to have an inkling that PMQs would descend into mudslinging, given Bullygate and Alistair Darling’s comments. Would Cameron unleash the forces of hell on the Prime Minister? The Prime … Continue reading

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>Gordon Brown, Bullying and the suicide of a National Charity

>I was shocked like everyone else when the National Bullying Helpline revealed that Downing Street staff had called them. I was initially reluctant to believe that a charity would divulge any information that would compromise anybody that it had helped. … Continue reading

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>James Purnell’s Departure – a sign Labour think they’re going to win?

>So, arch Blairite James Purnell is the latest of the 87 or so Labour MPs to decide to quit politics. Why? Surely in a few short months he’d have had a shot at standing for Labour leader as a defeated … Continue reading

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>Brown Interview showcases a good man, not a good PM

>This is basically my first, unfiltered reaction to Gordon Brown’s interview with Piers Morgan. What did we learn? That Piers and Gordon are great buddies. You can tell that – I’ve never seen the PM so comfortable during an interview. … Continue reading

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>David Heath: the man who made Gordon Brown laugh

>When you’re feeling the pressure, maybe if your work colleagues are winding you up, for example, it can be really great if someone unexpected comes along and just makes you laugh, even if they’re having a go. After all, whoever … Continue reading

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>When you really have to get the details and the spelling right

>I’m well known in the blogosphere and beyond for being freakishly obsessive about spelling and punctuation. I have, to my eternal shame, even upset people by going on about it. I didn’t mean to be evil,but the discovery that my … Continue reading

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