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>Brown’s barbaric plans to stigmatise teenage mothers.

>I’m going to leave others to rip to shreds Gordon Brown’s claims on the economy and his new found belief in local Post Offices he made in his speech today. There’s plenty of scope for an awful lot of shreds. … Continue reading

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>A tasty dish of red herring – what do the letters on Lockerbie mean?

>The Scottish Government and the UK Justice Ministry have been releasing documents relating to the release of Abdelbasset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber. The Sunday Times this week suggested that the UK Government went back on a commitment … Continue reading

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>Classy Clegg shows Cameron how it’s done

>For weeks PMQs has been stuck in a quagmire. On one hand, you get an onslaught of planted questions about Tory spending cuts from the Labour benches. Then you get Cameron slagging of the Government’s spending predictions. And so on. … Continue reading

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>Loyalty, Miliband style as Blairites Plot and Blears Blubs

>It can’t really be much fun being in the Labour party at the moment – it’s almost as bad as Formula 1 for high political drama! I really don’t know how David “the Ditherer” Miliband does it. He’s let a … Continue reading

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>Some Fun to brighten a cloudy Wednesday

>Thank you so much, Subrosa for making me laugh before breakfast with this Rory Bremner parody of Gordon Brown singing Mika’s Grace Kelly. Should he try this at PMQs today? LibDig This!

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>Is Labour Leadership Contest Underway Already?

>When I wrote my last post about Labour’s uneasy truce, I hadn’t watched last night’s Newsnight Scotland which an interview with Glasgow South Labour MP Tom Harris who as I said earlier was one of the few to tell Gordon … Continue reading

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>How long will Labour’s Uneasy Truce Last?

>It’s nearly tea time and for the first time in ages, nobody seems to have resigned from the Government, so I guess for Gordon Brown this will have been a good day. After the “endorsement” of the Parliamentary Labour Party … Continue reading

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>More Random Reshuffle Thoughts

>Oh what a day it’s been! And not just because it’s my daughter’s tenth birthday. As an aside, how come she, who is normally so difficult to rouse, was wide awake at 6.15this morning! So, the morning brought the news … Continue reading

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>Government implodes as treacherous Blairites get their revenge

>I guess what I’m going to say isn’t going to be that popular, but, hey, when did I ever let that stop me? My sympathy is actually with Gordon Brown this morning. Sure, the Government is on its last legs, … Continue reading

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>Clegg shines, Cameron fails and Brown fights at PMQs

>Well, I did tweet just before PMQs began that I was worried it might be cruel and unusual punishment to put Gordon Brown through it, what with Ministers resigning right, left and centre. Mitch Benn had tweeted that the events … Continue reading

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