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>Gurkhas – Ministers just don’t get it

>I can’t believe that Phil Woolas, the haplessly incompetent Home Office Minister who not only thought up a set of legalistic settlement criteria designed to keep as many Gurkhas out of Britain as possible, but is still harping on about … Continue reading

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>Clegg Slams Brown on Gurkhas

>Wow! Nick Clegg’s passion for justice and fairness came out and smacked us all in the face this lunchtime. David Cameron had started off questioning generally on the principle of allowing Gurkhas to settle in the country, but Nick actually … Continue reading

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>Joanna Lumley’s plea for Gurkhas – how you can help.

>Joanna Lumley has sent out an e-mail to all supporters of the Gurkha Justice Campaign asking for help in 2 ways: Firstly, asking people to ask their MP’s to vote against the Government’s proposals tomorrow. I wrote to my Labour … Continue reading

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>Is there any hope for tired, out of touch Labour Government?

>If Gordon Brown’s Labour Government were a person, I’d probably feel quite sorry for it. It’s clearly suffering the symptoms of burnout and stress. It’s flailing as it tries to cope with a constantly changing (and not for the better) … Continue reading

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