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Introducing Aurora……

…… our new hamster. We were all very sad when Fluffball passed away at the age of 2 years and 8 months in June and it took until a couple of weeks ago for Anna to decide that she wanted … Continue reading

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>And the Hamster’s name is……

>Thank you to everyone who voted in the hamster naming poll. The results were as follows: Harry 29.2%Fluffball 25.0%Snowball 25.0%Another suggestion 20.8% Some of the other suggestions were brilliant – Baldrick suits a hamster of little brain, Gumby, as suggested … Continue reading

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>Hamster Naming Poll 2

>Some months ago I ran a poll, purely advisory in nature, to garner opinion on what Anna should name her new hamster. She completely ignored the result and instead went for a name that wasn’t even on the list, but … Continue reading

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>Hamster Poll results – Rose wins, a duck for Fluffy

>Thanks to all who voted in the poll on Anna’s new hamster’s name. The results were as follows: Rose 31.4% Linda 22.9% Gemini 17.1% Ace and Snuggles 14.3% each Fluffy 0% She still hasn’t made her final decision on what … Continue reading

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>Online Poll – what should Anna name her new hamster?

>Anna got a new hamster today and is very excited about this little powder puff on legs who is well on the way to capturing all our hearts:-). The wee rodent is very adventurous and loves playing in the tube … Continue reading

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