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Crockart and Featherstone sign No More Page 3 letter to Sun editor

The success of the No More Page 3 campaign continues with the petition having crossed the 40,000 signature milestone last night. The organisers have now drafted a letter to the Sun editor Dominic Mohan for MPs to sign. Dear Dominic Mohan, … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg is doing PMQs today at 12 noon

Don’t forget that while David Cameron is off schmoozing with President Obama, it’s our Nick Clegg who will be doing PMQs today at 12. He’ll face Harriet Harman, who launched a bizarre attack on him, suggesting that the Liberal Democrats … Continue reading

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>Cookie Cutters, Wagging Fingers and praise for Harriet Harman – all in a Nick Clegg speech

>There appears to be some sort of unwritten rule at the BBC that they aren’t allowed to say anything positive about Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at the moment. The other week, when he made a major speech on civil … Continue reading

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>Harriet Harman demeans herself by calling Danny Alexander a "ginger rodent"

> Now many of us in in the Labour Party are conservationists and we love red squirrels. However there is one ginger rodent we never want to see again in the Highlands, Danny Alexander. So said Harriet Harman in her … Continue reading

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>Hague takes sexist swipe at Harman over husband’s selection

>It’s fashionable in some circles to think William Hague has redeemed himself over the past 9 years since he resigned as Tory Leader in the wake of a hefty defeat after he led a narrow minded, bigoted campaign. Since then, … Continue reading

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>Flavio Briatore gets a long overdue fit of Piquet

>Nobody who follows Formula One can be particularly surprised that poor Nelson Piquet Jr has been fired by Renault. Speculation about his future at Renault has dogged him almost since he started racing for the team in 2008. The manner … Continue reading

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