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>Lib Dems Stand Up for Scottish Banks and Business

>You may remember that when the banks collapsed, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott campaigned against the merger, pointing out that it would cost jobs, be hugely expensive for the taxpayer and restrict consumers’ choice in banking. It was good … Continue reading

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>Lord Lucan meets Captain Mainwaring

>Evidence, as if we ever needed it, that John Thurso is a legend. He’s right – once a visit to the bank manager had to be taken very seriously. You wore a suit and looked as respectable as you possibly … Continue reading

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>I’m happy for this man to sleep tonight….

>At least he tried to alert people to what was going on and got the sack for his pains. When are we going to start listening to people before it’s too late? LibDig This!

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>HBOS Staff’s Lavish Edinburgh Weekend

>HBOS staff and customers are bound to be outraged by this display of corporate opulence reported in today’s News of the World. Basically HBOS organised an event for its “star performers” which involved using three of the nicest hotels in … Continue reading

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