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Actually, Nick, there might be something in this vouchers for breastfeeding thing

Nick Clegg was asked yesterday, on his LBC phone in, what he thought about the plan to give women in deprived areas £200 in High Street shopping vouchers. This was one of these questions which he had to answer by instinct … Continue reading

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Jim Hume MSP launches consultation on measure to ban smoking in vehicles with children present

Liberal Democrat MSP for the South of Scotland Jim Hume this week launched a consultation on his Members’ Bill which would see smoking banned in vehicles where children are present. When I initially flagged this up on Liberal Democrat Voice a few weeks … Continue reading

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Banning smoking in cars where children are present: what do you think?

North of the Border, the war on smoking continues. Today, larger shops are no longer allowed to display cigarettes. Now, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP and health spokesperson Jim Hume is introducing a Member’s Bill in the Scottish Parliament which will … Continue reading

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The proof that drinking will make me ugly

You may have seen my post a couple of days ago in which I expressed my concern about the new Scottish Government campaign aimed at getting women to reduce their alcohol consumption because too much wine makes them ugly. The intervening … Continue reading

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Alex Neil, don’t you dare tell me I’m not a pretty sight

The Scottish Government has launched a campaign today called “Drop a glass size”, aimed at women to get them to cut their alcohol consumption. The theory is sound enough. Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes and, of course, … Continue reading

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Nobody would ever get run over if we banned crossing roads………

To a liberal the idea of banning anything is instinctively something that has to be scrutinised within an inch of its life. To us, the state has to have a compelling reason to interfere in someone’s private life and people … Continue reading

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>BBC reports flawed breastfeeding report as Holy Writ alongside new Vitamin D guidance

>The BBC is reporting that the Scottish Government has issued some new advice to pregnant mothers, that they should take Vitamin D supplements. Much as I’m not keen on synthetic vitamins, I can’t really argue with this one. We used … Continue reading

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>Dark Chocolate can be healthy…..

>It’s a bit dreich and dismal this morning, and it’s the last day of the school holidays and our Summer of Fun must come to an end. However, I do take a wee bit of comfort in the research from … Continue reading

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>Lib Dem Finnie calls for probe into hospital malnutrition deaths

>Scottish Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Ross Finnie has called for ministers to investigate whether malnutrition in hospital patients is being properly diagnosed after official figures sought by the Liberal Democrats showed that this was the cause of death for 450 … Continue reading

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>Drink Beer for Healthy Bones, Girls

>In the days of yore, when I was a student, if I strayed too far into normal pubs and away from the usual student hangouts, I was looked upon with great suspicion if I tried to order a pint. I … Continue reading

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