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Spend an extra hour campaigning to thank Nick for killing Snoopers’ Charter

Before I even start, I know there are many Liberal Democrats up and down the country for whom giving an extra hour to the campaign would mean having to re-write the laws of time and physics and nature. But then, … Continue reading

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My unhappiness with Danny Alexander….

…or his diary secretary, whoever they may be, knows no bounds right now. Not that this is any of their fault, but I want to have a moan. Right now, I should be out having dinner with my husband while … Continue reading

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The Budget – a triumph for Liberal Democrat internal communications people

Danny Alexander talking right now to Party Members I have got to say, I think the party has been fantastic in the way it’s been getting information out to members about the Budget. I still wake up in a cold … Continue reading

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Is Lib Dem HQ doing secret experiments on party members?

Bear with me. I know the headline comes out in green ink, but this is seriously not as irrational a question as it might sound. I base my theory on a conversation with a friend of mine who was complaining … Continue reading

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>The Divine Ms Duffett appointed as Lib Dems Communications Manager

>One of the highlights of the last few weeks for me has been finding out that Liberal Democrat Voice’s and London Region’s Helen Duffett has been appointed as the Party’s Internal Communications Manager. This is probably the most sensible decision … Continue reading

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>Total Politics Top 100 Journalists Poll – Write-in campaign for women bloggers

>I decided, seeing as my health seems to have taken a bit of a dive this last week, to have a quiet Saturday morning with Earl Grey and bacon sandwiches working through my online to-do list of blog posts to … Continue reading

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>Helen Duffett chairs Presidential Hustings with Susan Kramer and Tim Farron

>I have just had an e-mail from them at Lib Dem HQ alerting me to the fact that the online presidential hustings I mentioned the other day is now up on You Tube here. Helen Duffett did a fabulous job, … Continue reading

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>Should obstetricians be trained in forceps deliveries to avoid Caesarian Sections?

>Childbirth has been a feature of this week twice for me. Not personally, obviously, but there are a couple of things I wanted to share with you. Firstly, I was taken by this report on the BBC today that apparently … Continue reading

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>Tim Farron’s video presidential pitch

> Blogging has been light and may well continue to be so over the next few days. This is purely because it’s the school holidays and I’m having some Mummy and Anna time. I also seem to be having a … Continue reading

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>The Divine Helen Duffett writes for the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging

>Not only is the multi-talented Helen Duffett  busy doing all she does for Liberal Democrat Voice, although I doubt dressing up as Count Packula in a fright wig is one of her roles, she has also written a chapter of  the forthcoming … Continue reading

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