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Willie Rennie: "In 20 years, they’ll be glad they had nursery education at an early stage because it might just change their life chances"

There were extraordinary scenes in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. First of all, the Scottish Liberal Democrats didn’t even vote for their amendment, and nor did anyone else. They didn’t have to, because the Scottish Government had taken a big … Continue reading


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In full: Willie Rennie’s speech in Holyrood independence referendum debate – Scotland is unique and the stakes are high

Willie Rennie and the recently ennobled Jeremy Purvis wer ein fine form today.  Jeremy whipped Pete Wishart’s backside on Politics Scotland this afternoon, pointing out that it isn’t that long since the SNP were talking about banishing all vestiges of … Continue reading

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Reprise: A 13 year old writes about same sex marriage. MSPs please take note. #itstime #equalmarriage

This is a re-run of a post from May which I published around the time of the Westminster Same Sex Marriage Bill debate. As Holyrood prepares to vote on its own bill tomorrow, I thought it would be worth putting out … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie talks about domestic abuse and Bill Walker, Yes Scotland supporter tweets he has a "face you just want to hit with a shovel"

Willie Rennie went on Channel 4 News to talk about why he wants to see convicted violent abuser Bill Walker MSP (TM Better Nation) out of the Parliament. He talked about how he wanted to see a recall law to … Continue reading

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How Hannah spent her birthday – the Bill Walker protest in pictures.

Hannah Bettsworth is a fabulous Liberal Youth Scotland member. She’s the president of Edinburgh University Liberal Democrats and today is her 19th birthday. And where was she in the glorious sunshine? Outside Holyrood protesting against Bill Walker, the convicted violent … Continue reading

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In full: Willie Rennie’s speeches in the Iraq debate at Holyrood

Over at Lib Dem Voice yesterday, I put up a summary of Willie Rennie’s speech in the Iraq debate in Holyrood last week. I thought I’d put the whole thing up, and his summation, here because they are worth reading … Continue reading

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Poor Angela Constance…#scomnishambles

I really feel for Youth Employment minister Angela Constance. While every other politician in Scotland was living it up in luxury at the posh Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh for the Scottish Politician of the Year awards, she was doing … Continue reading

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Addiction is not a moral issue – on Rennie, the Record and Labour

On Thursday afternoon, the Scottish Parliament debated the Scottish Government’s Drugs Strategy, which has been in place since 2008. In general it was a pretty intelligent debate as you can see from the Official Report. The Government even accepted amendments from … Continue reading

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Equal marriage event brightens miserable day at Holyrood

Getting my daughter out of bed in the morning in the school holidays is not easy. Actually, it’s not that easy in term time either, now I come to mention it. She’s a night owl and she would happily sleep … Continue reading

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"It is not normal to break up a modern successful country in order to be small"

So said Willie Rennie in the debate on Scotland’s future yesterday. The Holyrood Parliament was discussing the  following motion: That the Parliament agrees that Scotland should be an independent country; sees it as the responsibility of this generation to hand … Continue reading

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