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It’s time for the Liberal Democrats in Government to call for the abolition of the "Bedroom Tax"

Point 1. If anybody says I should call it the “spare room subsidy”, that argument was lost months back. Point 2. An international housing expert representing not just any international organisation, but the UN, for goodness sake, has recommended that … Continue reading


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Letter from the Leader – Nick Clegg focuses on housing

When I worked for an MP as a caseworker, the main problems I dealt with were tax credits, benefits (where the Government departments concerned were never quick to admit their mistakes) and housing. Every week, we’d have several new cases … Continue reading

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Hume reveals heartbreaking homelessness statistics

I’ve long said that I want a Government to decide that it’s going to sort out housing. During my years working for Willie Rennie as his caseworker, by far the biggest tragedy I could see unfolding before me was housing. … Continue reading

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Salmond takes from poor to give to the rich – Rennie

A couple of years ago, research commissioned by the Liberal Democrats at Holyrood showed that the net effect of Alex Salmond’s Council Tax Freeze was actually to give more to rich people than to poor people. Then leader Tavish Scott … Continue reading

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>Another Daily Mail Fail – and how they could make a difference

>I am so behind in my list of things to write about, but I was so angry when I read this article in Friday’s Daily Mail. I don’t like linking to them, but I actually think it’s important that we … Continue reading

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>Is SNP’s new housing scheme any good?

>I know it’s early in the morning, and I don’t want to seem churlish or anything, but it seems at first glance that the SNP’s new big idea on affordable housing is a bit like trying to shift 10 tonnes … Continue reading

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>Holyrood: The Budget Battleground

>Last year the SNP Government was only able to get its budget through after a highly dramatic Holyrood showdown. Will the various groups in the Scottish Parliament be able to conduct themselves in a constructive manner this year, working together … Continue reading

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